Berkshire Cricket Officials Association (BCOA)
Committed to the Development and Support of Umpires & Scorers in Berkshire

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Each year, during the winter months, we offer an ECB ACO Level 1 Scorers Training Course.  
Please keep looking at our Training Courses page for the most up to date information..

During the 2013 season we successfully introduced a mentoring / coaching scheme for scorers emerging from the Level 1 programme to help them develop their basic skills, this has now been developed take them on to Level 1A or Level 2 if  desired.
A further benefit has been the introduction of scoring outside their clubs into higher and more competitive levels of cricket.
This has grown into a panel of scorers that are available on request. Please contact our Membership Services Officer.

Recording a cricket match requires working closely with colleagues, therefore as well as demonstrating the basic universal technique of score book methods, our aim is to impart good practice in all areas of scoring a match.

A professional attitude and good score box etiquette are essential components of a successful working environment.

These skills need to be learned, along with the art and craft of how to complete a score record correctly.
A score record
is the story of a match, and should contain detailed information which can be accessed by statisticians and historians.

The more knowledge you have, the easier and more enjoyable each scoring experience becomes.

Scorers are an important element of the officials ‘team of four’. During our Umpires training course we emphasise the importance of communication, not only as part of pre-match ‘best practice’, which includes a scorer’s briefing, but also during playing time with clear and accurate signals, and again when the match has finished.

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